Learn How to Reach a New Level of Fitness with NeuroMovement®


There are certain myths about what it takes to become more fit that contradict what our bodies really need and require.

We need to shift our focus from our muscles to our brain.

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Discover Effective Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Through gentle, innovative movement lessons and the 9 Essentials of NeuroMovement, the brain quickly wakes up to form new patterns that eliminate body aches and pains, and increase strength, flexibility, and creativity.

Learn How to Access the Power of Your Brain

It is the brain that “tells” your muscles what to do—when to contract and when to let go—through the signals it sends to your muscles. You can start right away. Bring attention to what you feel with any movement you do.

Uncover the 5 Fitness Myths and Enhance Your Fitness

  • Training Your Muscles Myth
  • No Pain, No Gain Myth
  • Stretching Myth
  • Flat Stomach Myth
  • Practice Makes Perfect Myth

Find Tools to Move Beyond Pain and Current Limitations

Forcing through pain actually can have long-term negative outcomes to your body and your fitness level. When movement is well organized, the pain disappears, and your strength and flexibility increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this eBook really help me to get more fit?

In over 30 years of experience, we have observed our clients move beyond their limitations and achieve higher levels of physical and cognitive performance. Whether you’re already a world-class athlete or a beginner on the path to greater fitness, your brain is at the ready to make movement easier and you more powerful. With NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials, described in this eBook, you can increase your flexibility, strength, coordination, and stamina. In addition, there are links to 7 NeuroMovement video lessons you can try.

How can these Essentials help with my pain?

From our experience working with thousands of people (from athletes to musicians to computer users) suffering from back, shoulder, neck, and other kinds of pain, almost always the pain is the result of poorly-organized movement. Almost without exception, when movement is well organized, the pain disappears, and strength and flexibility increase—you become more fit. NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials communicate with your brain and provide it with the information it needs for creating well-organized movement.

Do NeuroMovement and these tools work for any age?

Yes! We now know that the brain can change at any age. NeuroMovement® and its 9 Essentials help to upgrade the quality of the functioning of any brain. That is why this Method and these practical tools are useful across all age groups and can be used to overcome pain and many kinds of limitations.

Where do the 9 Essentials and NeuroMovement come from?

NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials evolved from over 30 years of Anat Baniel’s close study and experience with practical applications of brain plasticity principles with thousands of clients. The method’s approach is founded in neuroscience and the biodynamics of the human body, and supported by current brain plasticity research. The 9 Essentials offer concrete, effective, and immediate ways to tap into your brain’s enormous potential. 

What People Are Saying

We often receive positive feedback and stories about remarkable outcomes from doctors, athletes, dancers, people suffering from pain or injuries, and many others....

“After doing these movement lessons I’m free of back pain and walk around in my body in a comfortable, relaxed and elegant way…

Many many thanks to you, Anat, for some of the best ‘body stuff’ ever. I’ve been massaged, Rolfed and chiro’d – this is the best.


After sustaining a sports injury, I pursued diverse therapies and medical approaches for five years before I discovered Anat Baniel….A combination of periodic office visits & regular use of her DVD programs has dramatically reduced my pain level and, more importantly, they have given me back my life. Once again I am able to hike along mountain trails and meet other physical challenges.”


“I am now training for the next Olympic events. As extra benefits I have noticed that my running has become easier, my performance on exercise machines has improved, and my recovery time is easier and shorter. All this without additional training!”

CARRIE EDWARDS | Olympic Rower, Winner of 6 National Gold Medals

"I can’t say enough good things about Anat Baniel’s work.

I honestly believe it’s made the difference between continuing my competitive running career and retiring prematurely."

CHRIS BOYD | US National Track Champion

Don't miss out! Find pain relief and learn how to enhance your performance with NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials.

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